tart ink: a boutique writing firm

Why go "boutique"?

Industry. Occasion. Audience. Personal Brand. Tart Ink offers customized solutions designed to fit a client's unique needs. Whether you need imagination inspiring copy for your website, a plan to take your fundraising campaign to the next level, or a best man's speech that saves your bacon, Tart Ink combines experience and innovation to help you find just the right words.

who is tart ink?

The tart behind Tart Ink is Catherine Hutchins, a Chicago-based writer, fundraising professional, project manager, and person who has the words "Founder" and "President" all over her resume. After living a semi-nomadic lifestyle for the first twenty-ish years of her life, Catherine put down roots in Chicago and began building a modest empire. If you're worried about striking the right cord with a local audience, not to worry! She's probably lived there. 

When not writing, raising money for worthy causes, or planning ambitious pilot programs Catherine can be found indulging her love of public speaking, travel, and hunting for rare and exotic stories. Often all at the same time.